VDH Digital Vaccine Record

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Virginia Division Members:

As a reminder, local Virginia competitions require proof of vaccination (or negative Covid test from the last 72 hours) in order to compete. Beginning in January, 2022, national events will have a similar mandate.

From the USA Fencing Board of Directors 10/16 Meeting Agenda – “Beginning with the NAC scheduled for December (updated to January 2022), and until further action by the Board of Directors, entry to USA Fencing national competition venues will be limited to individuals who are fully and demonstrably vaccinated against coronavirus (Covid-19) disease, those who have demonstrated authentic medical or religious vaccination exemptions, and vaccine ineligible individuals (i.e., members of groups for whom vaccines have not been approved by the CDC or FDA).

The Virginia Department of Health now offers the ability to store a digital vaccine record on your iPhone. In addition to accepting a photo of or your original vaccine card, we will also accept this as proof of verification.

To download the record to your phone, simply go to the VDH Digital Vaccine site and provide your information. A QR code will be provided. Using your rear-facing camera, scan the QR code and then add your record to the Apple Health app.

If you have any questions on how to use this feature, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you troubleshoot.

Stay safe, and happy fencing!