Face Masks Under Fencing Masks Now Optional for Fencers During Bouts

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USA Fencing has announced that fencers will no longer be required to wear a face mask under their fencing mask during bouts in which they are competing. The change, which is effective immediately, applies to USA Fencing-sanctioned events, including local, regional and national tournaments. Here’s what you need to know:

  • While face masks are now optional for athletes during bouts in which they are competing, fencers will still be required to wear two-layer cloth masks or surgical face coverings at all other times when they are in the competition venue, including in between bouts.
  • Masks remain required at all times for coaches, tournament officials, referees and spectators.
  • The Virginia Division’s vaccine mandate remains in place. Unvaccinated athletes are required to produce a negative PCR/RAPID test from a 3rd party provider no more than 72 hours old from event start time to compete in tournaments sanctioned by the Virginia Division of USA Fencing.
  • The 90 second break between elimination bout periods has been restored to the pre-pandemic 60 second break.
  • All Virginia Division sanctioned tournaments are required to implement this new policy.

This mandate does not apply to our clubs during regular practice or unsanctioned tournaments, and clubs may come up with mask and vaccination policies at their own discretion.

Should you have any questions, please comment below or reach out to the Executive Committee via email. Thank you, and stay safe.