VA Division Election Update

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With elections just around the corner on the 15th, I wanted to update you with some additional people who have stepped forward to run for our Board.

For your consideration – Scott Farber, Nic Papodopoulos, Julia Jiang and Damien Lehfeldt have decided to run for the VA Division Board with existing Board Members – Greg Kaidanov, Amy Papodopoulos, Ted Smith and Meredith Powers.

Stepping down from the Board are Jacob Duell and Melanie DeMaree. (Thank you both for your many years of service and support of the Virginia Division!)

Elections to be held at the completion of fencing this coming Saturday, no earlier than 5PM, at NOVA Fencing Club.

If you cannot be in attendance, please forward a proxy statement (With an original signature) to any officer casting your vote(s) for one or more of the people running. The proxy form is on the election announcement page.