Referee Info


We compensate based on a referee’s National Rating. You can find out what yours (or anyone’s) is here.

Highest Rating Honorarium (per day)
1 $80
2 $75
3 $70
4 $65
5 $60
6 $55
7 $50
8 $45
9 $40
10 $35
none $30

Virtual Virginia Ratings

We realize some referees haven’t had the time to go have their rating updated by an FOC examiner at a NAC, so we have a system of our own. Any referee with a national rating can observe someone and award them a rating. The maximum rating is a 7, and no higher than one below the examiner’s actual national rating in that weapon.

Travel and Hotel

If you work for one day, you get round-trip mileage. Our rate of reimbursement is $.50 per mile. The minimum reimbursement for mileage is $20 and the max per day is $80.

If you work for two days, you get round-trip mileage (minimum $20, maximum $80). In addition, you get either a second round-trip mileage payment or hotel reimbursement (maximum $80, with a receipt).


We try to have coffee and donuts available in the morning of each competition, but there’s no guarantee.

We will provide you lunch, either from a concession stand, or ordered from a local restaurant.

Last Updated May 26, 2011.