Referee Info


We are proud to offer some of the highest compensation rates for our hard working referees.  Our honorarium is  based on the referee’s National Rating (their highest rating of any weapon). You can find out what yours (or anyone’s) here.

Division Referee Honorarium (Updated for NEW Rating System)

N1 $200
N2 $200
R1 $185
R2 $175
L1  $150
L2 $125
P   $100

Travel and Hotel

While the honorarium is a flat rate in order to simplify calculating costs for tournament organizers and referees, the Division may provide additional compensation for those referees traveling an unusual distance. In addition, hotel accommodations are provided— as needed—for Division events.


We try to have coffee and donuts (or similar) available in the morning of each division competition, but we cannot guarantee breakfast.  If we know we cannot provide breakfast, we will let people know to eat prior to arrival at venue.

We provide lunch, either from a concession stand or ordered from a local restaurant, and most likely snacks during the day.

Last Updated Sep 1, 2023.