Referee Info


We compensate based on a referee’s National Rating. You can find out what yours (or anyone’s) is here.

Highest Rating Honorarium (Per Day)
1 $195
2 $180
3 $165
4 $150
5 $135
6 $120
7 $110
8 $100
9 $75
10 $75
None $60

Virtual Virginia Ratings

We realize some referees haven’t had the time to go have their rating updated by an FOC examiner at a NAC, so we have a system of our own. Any referee with a national rating can observe someone and award them a rating. The maximum rating is a 7, and no higher than one below the examiner’s actual national rating in that weapon.

Travel and Hotel

While the honorarium is a flat rate in order to simplify calculating costs for tournament organizers and referees, the Division provides additional compensation for those referees traveling an unusual distance. In addition, hotel accommodations are provided—as needed—for Division events.


We try to have coffee and donuts available in the morning of each competition, but there’s no guarantee.

We will provide you lunch, either from a concession stand, or ordered from a local restaurant.

Last Updated Sep 14, 2017.