Tournament Info

Age Requirements

Many clubs in Virginia start lessons for kids as young as 6 or 7 years old. Check with the individual clubs. The age requirements for competition are described at the USFA site. Generally speaking, Y10 is the youngest age group commonly competed at VA youth events. You must be at least 13 to compete in senior level events. With the exception of the occasional club scrimmage, you must be a current USFA or FIE member to fence in a competition.

Starting Times

Schedules are set by the sponsoring club and can vary. Normally, close of registration for the first event of the day is 9:00 AM, with fencing starting 10-20 minutes after that. Be on time!

Entry Fees

Entry fees are set by the sponsoring organization. $25-40 (for pre-registered competitors) is the most common for local events. Regional or National events taking place in VA will be more expensive.

Safety Requirements

All Virginia Division sponsored events adhere to USFA requirements for safety equipment. The fencer must have all applicable safety equipment, including knickers. Jeans and sweatpants are not allowed. Fencers without the appropriate equipment will not be allowed to fence.

Where do I check for cancellations due to weather?

Check the front page of this web site for last minute schedule changes. Also check your email as the tournament sponsor may email all competitors with updates.