Virginia Division Official Schedule for 2016-2017 Season

5-6 Maryland RYC (RYC) Columbia, MD

3-4 Labor Day Weekend
10-11 Kick Off ROC (ROC D1A/D2) Fredericksburg, VA
17-18 Fairfax Challenge RJCC (RJCC) Annandale, VA
24-25 Loudon Div3 Vet Epee Tournament (Open Vet/Div3) Ashburn, VA

1-2 Virginia Div Fall RYC (RYC) Richmond, VA
7-10 Oct NAC (NAC) Detroit, MI
15-16 Junior Olympics Qualifiers (Junior/Cadet) Richmond Fencing Club
22-23 Ryder Cup Memorial RJCC/ROC (RJCC/ROC) Durham, NC
22 Tech Open (Open) Blacksburg, VA
29-30 W&M Halloween Open (Open) Williamsburg, VA

5-6 Richard F Oles Memorial Charm City Classic Div 1A ROC (ROC D1A) Catonsville, MD
11-14 Nov NAC Junior, Cadet & Youth 14 (NAC) Milwaukee, WI
12 The Fencers Club Autumn Veteran’s Tournament (Vet) Falls Church, VA
19-20 Thanksgiving Throwdown (Ratings Rally & Y12) Richmond, VA
24-27 Thanksgiving Weekend

2-5 Dec NAC Division I, Division II & Veteran (NAC) Richmond, VA
10-11 Fairfax Challenge ROC (ROC D1A) College Park, MD
17 Virginia Division Referee Clinic Falls Church, VA
18 Santa’s Revenge (D2/3) Falls Church, VA
24-25 Christmas Weekend
30-1 New Years Eve Weekend

6-9 Jan NAC Division I, Junior, Wheelchair & Senior Team (NAC) Columbus, OH
14-16 Capitol Clash SYC and RCC (SYC/CDT) National Harbor, MD
21-22 Hangover Classic (Open/Div2) Richmond, VA
28-29 Loudoun Mid-Winter Epee Tournament (Vet Div3/Vet Open) Ashburn, VA

4-5 JMU Open and Div3 (Open/Div3) Harrisonburg, VA
11-12 River City Rumble Richmond, VA
17-20 Junior Olympics Junior, Cadet & Junior Team (Junior Olympics) Kansas City, MO
25-26 Fairfax Challenge RYC 1 (RYC) TBA

4-5 Summer National Qualifiers Div2/3/Y14 (Div2/3/Y14) NOVA FC Falls Church, VA
9-12 Mar NAC Division II, Youth 10, Youth 12, Youth 14, & Y14 Team (NAC) Cleveland, OH
18-19 Fairfax Challenge RYC 2 (RYC) College Park, MD
25-26 Cherry Blossom Open (Open and Women’s events) University of Maryland College Park, MD

1-2 Ned Light Memorial RYC (RYC) Durham, NC
1-2 Tidewater Tournament Chesapeake, VA
8-9 Virginia Division Spring RYC (RYC) Richmond, VA
15-16 Conomikes Gutenburg Open-Requested (Open) Williamsburg, VA
21-24 Apr NAC & Championships Championship: Division 1/DV1 Team & Wheelchair (NAC) Baltimore, MD
28-30 Fairfax Challenge SYC (SYC) National Harbor, MD

6 Valkyrie Div2/Div3 Women’s 3-Weapon Tournament (Div2/3 Women’s) Falls Church, VA
13-14 Tidewater Ratings Rally and Y12 (Div2/3/Y12) Chesapeake, VA
20-21 Virginia Division Championships (Open) Richmond, VA
27-28 Memorial Day Weekend

3-4 Blue Ridge Fencing Club (E&Under/Div2/Y12) Charlottesville, VA
10-11 Available (Vet Only)
17-18 Richmond Tune Up (Open) Richmond, VA
24-25 The Fencers Club Youth Event (Y14/Cadet/Junior) Falls Church, VA

1-10 Summer Nationals & July Challenge (NAC) Salt Lake City, UT
1-10 Summer Nationals & July Challenge (NAC) Salt Lake City, UT
15-16 Available
22-23 Available
29-30 Available

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