International Travel Grant

The Virginia Division of USA Fencing, Inc., has implemented a program to offer its fencers financial assistance when they compete at USA Fencing/FIE recognized international events.

Starting on August 1 of each fencing calendar year (following USA Fencing’s membership calendar, each season begins on August 1st of the current year and runs until July 31st of the following year), grants of $400.00 are available to individual fencers families who are members of the Virginia Division to reimburse expenses related to competing in international Veteran, Senior, Junior and Cadet level USA Fencing/FIE designated competitions.

Eligibility is limited to one grant per season and is available for expenses not fully reimbursed from other sources.

To receive this grant, fencers need to complete and submit the VA Division Grant Application with copies of all the relevant receipts for evaluation, approval and reimbursement to

It would be appreciated if all grant reimbursement requests for the current season be submitted before the beginning of Summer Nationals (approximately June 30th) of each year, to support the July 31st financial close required by USA Fencing.

Any questions regarding this policy can be sent to