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Points Standings as of July 29, 2010

The method of calculating Three-Weapons Points was new in the 2008-9 season.

Junior Foil, Épée, and Saber have been combined into Junior 3-Weapon starting in the 2008-9 season.

The Youth 3-Weapon category was created starting in the 2008-9 season.

Points Leaders

Men's Three-Weapon:
270 Young, Scott
253 Fales, Ken
171 Balog, Marcus
Women's Three-Weapon:
30 Caplin, Sophie(Youth-14/Cadet)
Men's Foil:
239 Duell, Jacob(Junior)
235 Balog, Marcus
222 Rogers, Bryce
Women's Foil:
275 Lucente, Cyndi
161 Muravyeva, Anastasiya(Youth-14/Cadet)
140 Tuttle, Jackie(Junior)
Men's Epee:
200 Deschenes, Nick
198 Varnerin, William
189 Brooks, Michael(Vet-50)
Women's Epee:
110 Montrose, Chantal(Junior)
103 Sirico, Amanda
81 Miller, Katherine(Cadet)
Men's Saber:
95 Frye, Joseph(Cadet)
89 Baker, Keith(Vet-50)
72 Lauzon, Greg(Junior)
Women's Saber:
41 Shacker, Heather
38 Martinka, Vanessa(Youth-14/Cadet)
36 Speer, Audrey(Junior)
Men's Veteran 3-Weapon:
371 Brooks, Michael(Vet-50)
371 Thornton, Ron(Vet-40)
245 Robinson, Bobby(Vet-40)
Women's Veteran 3-Weapon:
209 Carney, Dorothy(Vet-50)
81 Adams, Kimberly(Vet-40)
69 Merritt, Elizabeth(Vet-50)
Men's Junior 3-Weapon:
303 Huff, C.R.(Youth-14/Cadet)
302 Ott, James(Youth-14/Cadet)
301 De Guzman, Inaki(Youth-14/Cadet)
Women's Junior 3-Weapon:
248 Muravyeva, Anastasiya(Youth-14/Cadet)
232 Tuttle, Jackie(Junior)
225 Caplin, Sophie(Youth-14/Cadet)
Boy's Youth 3-Weapon:
115 Caplin, Aubrey(Youth-10)
57 Rodell, Clinton(Youth-12)
49 Raymond, Kyle(Youth-12)
Girl's Youth 3-Weapon:
96 Deschner, Stefani(Youth-10)
89 Michaelsen, Anya(Youth-12)
82 Caplin, Phoebe(Youth-12)
Men's Novice Foil:
256 Yuan, Jie
189 Eliasen, Derek
79 Yang, Victor(Youth-14/Cadet)
Women's Novice Foil:
96 Deschner, Stefani(Youth-10)
89 Michaelsen, Anya(Youth-12)
79 Lien, Emily

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For those who like statistics, here is a list of some totals for each club: club-totals.txt.

And a list of fencers by club and clubs by fencer.

We don't know the birthdays of everyone who fences in our tournaments, so if you are a veteran, junior, or youth but are not listed as such, please mail me. Here is the complete list of birthdays we need.

Last Updated July 29, 2010.

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