Virginia Division Extends Non Sanctioning Policy Through May 1

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Following the decision by USA Fencing to not sanction any events through April 6th, the officers of the Virginia Division has decided to take the extra step of not sanctioning any event prior to May 1.  

Rescheduling of events postponed due to COVID-19 will occur only when USA Fencing and the VA Division deem it to be appropriate and not put more people at risk of infection.

The Virginia Division also requests that fencers, parents of fencers, coaches and clubs take the additional step of not attending or offering classes, camps, lessons or club tournaments while the extent and duration of the risk for our community is unknown.  

We cannot tell clubs to shut down, and we cannot tell parents or fencers not to go, but there is significant evidence that COVID-19 spreads exponentially and one of the simplest ways to avoid the spread of it is to practice “Social Distancing” and stay home.

Please be safe, be well, and look for more updates over time.