The Hangover Classic 2018 is OPEN for Registration

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The Hangover Classic 2018 is now open for registration on Fred.

The event will have strong Open Mixed Foil, Saber and Epee events as well as Women only events AND Mixed DIV3 (D and under) events on 6 grounded strips.

The tournament will be held on January 20 and 21, 2018 @ the Richmond Fencing Club.

Event Schedule:
Women’s Epee 1/20 @ 1:30pm
Women’s Foil 1/21 @ 9:00am
Women’s Saber 1/21 @ 11:30am
Mixed Epee 1/21 @ 9:00am
Mixed Foil 1/20 @ 9:00am
Mixed Saber 1/20 @ 2:00pm
D and Under Mixed Epee 1/20 @ 9:00am
D and Under Mixed Foil 1/21 @ 2:30pm
D and Under Mixed Sabre 1/20 @ 9:00am

Events are $35 each, and require payment to be made on AskFred by January 16, 2018.  Registration close for the Hangover Classic will occur at MIDNIGHT, January 16, 2018.  Any/All pending registrations (not paid for) will be deleted in the morning of the January 17th.  Triple Fees for registrations after registration close – whether online or at the door.


Thank you so much for your continued support of this longtime Virginia Division tradition, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Virginia Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers – 10/21-10/22

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The Virginia Division of USA Fencing is holding our Junior Olympic Qualifier tournament this coming Saturday and Sunday – October 21 and 22 at the NOVA Fencing Club in Falls Church, VA.

More information found here:

NOTE: This tournament is open only to members of the Virginia Division. Further, fencers MUST BE U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. A foreign fencer who is in the United States on a visa is NOT eligible to fence in any National Championships, individual or team, or associated division qualifying competitions. If an athlete has a Green Card, a copy of this card should be submitted with your qualifying forms.

Richmond Fencing Club Fall RYC Live Results

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For those following or attending the Fall RYC hosted by Richmond Fencing Club this weekend (9/30 – 10/1):

LiveResults (or Preliminary Seeding)

Fence well, competitors!

New Virginia Division Referee Rates

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The Virginia Division has updated the pay scale for Division-run events to the following flat-rate system in order to be regionally competitive and to make calculating costs easier and more predictable for event planners and referees.

Note that individual clubs are not bound by this new scale for their own events.

Referee Rating One Day Pay
1 $195
2 $180
3 $165
4 $150
5 $135
6 $120
7 $110
8 $100
9 $75
10 $75
None $60

Questions or concerns should be directed to any of the Division Board Members.

VA Division Officers for 2017-2018 Season

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The Virginia Division of USA Fencing is pleased to announce our officers for the 2017-2018 season.

Richard Weiss

Vice Chair:
Ron Thornton

Allen Evans

Jacob Duell


Amy Papadopoulos

Greg Kaidanov

Ted Smith

Melanie Demaree

Meredith Powers

Virginia Division FOC:
Marcus Balog

Kick Off Div1A and Div2 ROC!

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The Virginia Division 2016 Kick Off ROC Div1A and Div2 is only two weeks away! The close of registration with regular fees for these events is this Wednesday, August 31 at midnight. The Kick Off has been one of the premier ROC’s on the East Coast since it’s inception. We have all grounded strips, most of them metal, and top rated referees from around the Nation.

We would like for you to join us for this years Kick Off. Click on the link below to sign up for this years event!

More Info Link

Battle of the Swashbucklers Cancelled

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Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, the Liberty University Fencing Club has had to cancel the Battle of the Swashbucklers tournament in Lynchburg this weekend (April 23-24).

The next event will be the Tidewater Coastal Clash ratings rally and youth tournament at Tidewater’s new permanent space on May 7th and 8th.

Annual Meeting! Champs Change! New Tournaments!

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The date for the Annual Meeting has been set for June 18th after fencing is completed at the Tune Up Open in Richmond!

The Virginia Division Championships have been moved from the weekend of May 30th to the weekend of July 16th-17th! Stay tuned for more info!

There has been a new tournament scheduled for May 7th-8th: the Tidewater Coastal Clash at Tidewater’s new permanent space! There will be Ratings Rally and Y12 events! Nice!


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The events will be at the same times that they were originally
scheduled for, just on the new weekend.

The Regular Fee Deadline has been extended until 1/28/2016.

We understand that with the rescheduling of the Hangover, that some of
you may not be able to attend due to a previously scheduled event. If
this is the case, refund requests must be made by 1/26/2016. No shows
will only be able to receive refunds due to extenuating circumstances
(illness, etc…).

Please stay warm and safe! We want to see on the piste next weekend!

The Virginia Division


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1. The Regular Fee Deadline has been extended until 1/21/2016

2. We are aware of the chance of a major storm impacting the area, and we will be watching the weather carefully, and send out an announcement on Friday whether the event will be held or not. If we decide to postpone the Hangover, we will move it to the following weekend.

We understand that if the rescheduling of the Hangover does occur, that some of you may not be able to attend due to a previously scheduled event. If this is the case, refund requests must be made by 1/26/2016. No shows will only be able to receive refunds due to extenuating circumstances (illness, etc…).