VA Division of USA Fencing Statement Regarding Virginia’s Executive Order 72 (updated 2/24/21)

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On February 24th, 2021 (Effective March 1), the Commonwealth of Virginia updated Executive Order #72 – Phase III Guidelines. FULL TEXT.  Upon detailed review of the document, we believe nothing has changed as it relates to fencing in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Division of USA Fencing’s Executive Committee
does not support sanctioning events without widespread availability of a vaccine. We do believe there is a path to competitions again most likely in the late summer contingent on the promising projections of the vaccine rollout over these next few months, and we continue to monitor the Commonwealth’s guidelines and the rollout of vaccines and will readdress this position when the Virginia Guidelines change.

Further, we do not support the sanctioning of Regional and National events through the end of the 2020-2021 Season.  It is our concern for the safety of our fencers, parents, referees and others in our community who may be unknowingly affected by attending these events that gives us pause.

Lastly, we do not sanction Regional / National Events, regardless of where they are held.  Sanctioning decisions for these events are made by the National Offices.

Again, to our fencers and parents of fencers, we feel that even if an organizer is able to account for everything in their control, it only takes one Fencer, Club, Coach, or Referee not following protocols in their normal daily lives (or one of their contacts) to jeopardize a multitude of communities.  We prefer to err on the side of safety and understand that others do not hold this same opinion.

Thank you for your support and hope all of you are happy, healthy and safe!