VA Division of USA Fencing Statement Regarding the Sixth Amended Version of Virginia’s Executive Order 67

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On November 13, the Sixth Amended version of Executive Order 67 (PHASE THREE TIGHTENING OF CERTAIN TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS DUE TO COVID-19) reduces the maximum total number of people (participants, coaches and spectators) allowed indoors down to 25 (or less given size of location.)

Further, the Fourth Amended version removes the 10ft social distance requirement to support high school winter and spring team sport activities.  The 10 ft distance requirement however, still exists for Fitness Centers and Gyms.  We expect this to be reinstated shortly.

The Virginia Division Executive Committee does not support bouting in our clubs due to the recent surge of cases in VA and the country and will not sanction any event through January, where we will again consider conditions in the Commonwealth and whether there is widespread availability of a vaccine.

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